A downloadable game for Windows

Studio Vegaview entered Epic Game's ue4jam in August 2015. We didn't get to complete the original concept, so the game was packaged at the submission deadline to enter the jam. We may revisit this project, as there are loads of art assets that aren't used, and the full concept isn't realized through this quick alpha version.

We took a break from our main project, Sleepers, to participate in this jam!

WASD to move

E to interact

P to pause

Mouse to click pause menu items

Number keys 1-5 play musical notes (An incomplete and half-implemented feature but it's still fun)

Space Bar toggles on a light and a glow field around the player

Some of the text renders don't show up properly, and that was a discrepancy with the overall Z-order of every sprite in the game, not enough time to organize that across the board.

Art and animations by

Bryce Maciel


Rachel Cronk


Unreal Development by

Zack Keosaian


Additional Music by

Liam Wells



StudioVegaview_TheCosmicSea.zip 243 MB